Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Use of LinkBunch indicates your agreement with the following terms of service:


LinkBunch is a free service that makes it easier for you to manage and share multiple URLs by giving away just one. The contents of each link bunch are user-submitted. LinkBunch is neither affiliated with the authors of the pages linked herein nor responsible for their content.

Anti-Spam Policy

LinkBunch has a zero-tolerance policy against spam. It is strictly forbidden to use LinkBunch for spamming and other illegal purposes. If such a case is discovered or reported, appropriate anti-spam service providers and relevant ISPs will be notified immediately.

If you are receiving spam emails or any other unsolicited communication containing LinkBunch URLs, please forward the spam to [email protected] and strict action will be taken.

Privacy of LinkBunch bunches

As of now, all created LinkBunch bunches are public. By keying in a random combination of letters and numbers as a bunch code, it is possible to view each and every LinkBunch bunch available on the website. Popular and recent bunches may also be displayed prominently on the LinkBunch homepage to serve as examples.

Following the user account system implementation, you will have the option of password protecting your bunches.

Privacy Policy

We understand and respect your concern about privacy at LinkBunch.

Personal Information

As of now, we do not collect any personal information from users on this site, other than the links that they provide for bunching.

When the user account system falls in place, we may collect some information such as your name and email address. However, none of this data will be shared with third parties for any sort of communication, marketing-related or otherwise. All the data will be collected solely for the purpose of giving you a personalized experience on LinkBunch.


LinkBunch has taken measures to protect the confidentiality of information contained within this website. However, LinkBunch can not and does not warrant that its site is impenetrable or invulnerable to hackers.


At present, LinkBunch does not set or retrieve cookies on your computer or internet access device.

When the user account system falls in place, however, cookies will be used to authenticate your usage session and store other preferences to allow you to make better use of the website.


LinkBunch bunches contain links to other sites, which may have their own privacy policies different from this one. If you are concerned about privacy, please take time to read the privacy policy of each website you visit via links contained in LinkBunch bunches. Neither LinkBunch can be held responsible for violation of privacy outside of http://linkbun.ch

Changes to this privacy policy

LinkBunch reserves the right to change the privacy policy of this website/service at any time. The change will be highlighted and the user(s) will be informed appropriately when that happens.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your privacy, please email me at [email protected]