Help / FAQ

What is LinkBunch?

A link bunch is just that - a bunch of links. Often you find several links on the web that you want to share on services such as instant messengers (Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.) or microblogging platforms such as Twitter (which has a 140-character limit) and Pownce (which only has one link field). With LinkBunch, you take all those links and put them into one "bunch", which is just one single link--which looks like a TinyURL or SnipURL link--and give that around instead. Saves space, looks cleaner and saves a few bytes of bandwidth! :)

LinkBunch Example

When the recipient clicks on the tiny LinkBunch link, he/she will be presented with a page that contains all the links that you put in the bunch. He/she can then click any of those links and visit the desired pages!

How do I use LinkBunch?

LinkBunch is easy to use.Just paste links into the box on the homepage--one link on each line--and click 'Bunch' to bunch them together.

You can also use the Firefox extension that will let you create a bunch of all your open tabs in the browser.

There is a Twitter bot in the works, but it hasn't been finished yet.

How can I add/remove/edit links to in an existing bunch?

As of now, there isn't a way to edit bunches, but I'm working on a user account based system that will let you easily manage all your created bunches, favorite bunches, friend's bunches etc. There's lots more in store! :)

I found a link that infringes copyright or is of illegal nature. How do I report it?

Email me on aalaap at with the link to the bunch and the problem with it, and I'll remove it right away.

What about URL spam?

In URL-shortening services such as TinyURL, the user is redirected directly to the target URL and that can be used maliciously to make the user visit an unintended link. With LinkBunch, this doesn't happen, because whenever the visitor clicks on a LinkBunch link, he/she is simply presented with a page containing all the links in the bunch - there is no automatic redirection. The visitor can then decide if he/she wants to click on any of the links or simply close the window. LinkBunch is safe.

The option to 'Open entire bunch', which opens all links in a bunch in separate tabs or windows, is only provided for convenience and isn't the only way to open a LinkBunch. You don't have to use it if you're not sure about the links!

Why would I use LinkBunch instead of my browser's bookmarks or something like

All those three things are different in nature. is a social bookmarking tool meant to share and discover links. Your browser's bookmarks or favorites feature let's you store favorite or most visited links. LinkBunch is used to create a tiny, shortcut link to multiple links, which can be sent easily over instant messengers, Twitter, Pownce or even an SMS from your mobile phone. You can even use it to digg multiple links at once! :)

Is there an API that I can use to make LinkBunches programatically?

No, the API has been depracated due to misuse.

Where can I report bugs?

Post the bug reports in Satisfaction, email me on aalaap at or just Twitter about the bug and I'll find it!

How about putting a certain new feature in LinkBunch?

If you've got any ideas to make LinkBunch better, I'd love to hear from you! Post your thoughts in Satisfaction, email me on aalaap at or follow me on Twitter and let me know!